Translogistica - Logistics Trade Show In Poland

This week our Poland team is attending Translogistica Trade Show. The event is held once a year in Warsaw and is considered one of the most important events in the logistics sector. This trade show is intended to help Polish companies and international companies too to get noticed in the Polish market and to make new contacts. 

This year the trade show is all about different sectors of logistics such as rail, air, road, sea transport as well as trucking, fleet, warehousing, and others. Special attention was given to intermodal transport. 

We opened a new office in Warsaw only a couple of weeks ago. Attending Tranlogistica Poland Trade Show gave a great opportunity for our newest team to meet some decision-makers and connect with them. Also, they participated in a conference where they learned about the newest trends and inventions in the Logistics industry and participated in open discussions. 

Learn more about Transpogistica Poland Trade Show by checking their website.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend this trade show and to meet our colleagues and would like to connect with them, email at and she will be happy to speak to you and introduce another team member.