Shipping To China

Challenges of Ship to China

Importing from China to Europe can be confusing and time-consuming, especially when you have to find a reliable logistics partner and decide what transport method will be most effective, to understand regulations, to overcome languages and culture barriers, to learn about transportation fees, and how rapidly customs could be cleared. 

Fargo Line Starts Shipping To China

Fargo Line is offering highly developed logistics routes, great partnerships and expertise in the market. With the offices in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and United Kingdom and trustworthy partners in Europe, we at Fargo Line are ready to find the most efficient solution for your supply business. Our experienced team can help you with any question you have.

From August we add a new route from China to Europe. We are offering a reliable service with 48 hours pick up, delivery from 21 days, and help with custom clearance and warehouses when necessary. We ship full load and hazardous cargo. We choose rail service for shipping as they are fast and serve as good connectors to transit points from inland China.

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